7pcs Dark Blue Beautiful Braids Girl Russian nesting dolls/Wooden stacking toys Matryoshka

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  • Russian doll is a kind of spiritual toys, commonly known as wishing dolls, for the expression of piety, buy brand new items please.

  • 7 different sizes of cute wooden toys7 pcs dolls can be installed together or independently to store.

  • Special notewhen the upper and lower of matryoshka bite very tight,do not try to rotate to separate them. Correct approach is:one hand holding the bottom of the nesting dolls,another hand grasp the top of the matryoshka,then snapping it, break it.

  • Weight(g):280/size of l*w*h(cm):8*8*18.

  • Attentionin order to ensure the safety of children under 5 years of age, do not let them play nesting dolls without the participation of adults.

7 different sizes
Beautiful hand painted craft
Traditional russian local work of art
From russian generate process
The best choice for gift and private use